Community Christmas Baskets

Dear friends,

We at Christ Church have contributed for a number of years to the Community Christmas Baskets, spearheaded by Annesley United Church. Dale Armstrong recently contacted us to ask if we would support the Christmas basket collection again this year. Last year 51 Christmas baskets were assembled and delivered to families in Markdale and the surrounding area (the 986 region). That many baskets will likely be requested again this year, if not more.

This year, the year of the 2020 Pandemic, will be forever remembered for its many and varied challenges, particularly economic hardships and the loneliness of isolation felt by so many. This is one way we can help!

The basket committee at Annesley Church has asked for donations of cash, Fundscrip cards for the local grocery store and/or food. Although many of you have embraced the Socks and Undies gift program in past years whereby we included gifts for the children of Christmas Basket recipients, we feel that we cannot provide Socks and Undies gifts this year due to the need for additional personal shopping required to purchase the gifts.

Food items requested for the baskets;

  • canned goods
  • salmon or tuna
  • pancake mix and syrup
  • pasta and sauce
  • coffee and tea
  • peanut butter and jam

Drop off options for donations to the Christmas Baskets;

  1. Mail or drop off your donation of cash, cheque or Fundscrip cards to Jim and Chris Griffin
  2. Mail or drop off your donations to Ann and Phil Bowman
  3. Call Ann and Phil to pick up your donations

**** Contact information will be provided upon request, if you do not already have it. Please email for this information****

Cheques should be made out to: Annesley United Church – Christmas Baskets

Please provide the appropriate information if you wish a tax receipt.

DEADLINE for all donations to the Christmas Baskets; Friday, December 11th at 11am

Many thanks,  Ann and Phil

Edit:  Gifts of cash or cheques will generate charitable donation receipts, provided that donor’s name and address are included with gifts. Gifts of Foodland Gift Cards (or any Gift Card) will not be able to have a donation receipt generated.