Music Bingo Trivia Challenge Info

Musical Bingo Rules

Thank you for your interest in playing our Music Bingo Trivia Challenge this week, and your donation to support the local Markdale Foodbank and the missionary outreach of Christ Church Anglican Markdale.

Our hope is to play every other Thursday night.  PLEASE read all the information below:

Cost: $12

How to donate:

  1. Online at using a Credit Card. Click Donate Now, fill in your information and add “Bingo Night – Date” in the field titled MESSAGE FOR CHRIST CHURCH MARKDALE (OPTIONAL).
  2. Cheque or Cash Drop off. Drop off your cheque of cash at the Christ Church Rectory, located at (address). Please include your email address to be able to receive your bingo cards

How do I get my cards?

  • After your donation is received, we will email you with your Bingo Cards by (date). If you have not received your card by (date)(time) please follow up with (name)(email Address)

How to Play:

  • Tune into Zoom around 6:55 PM, we will be starting shortly after 7:00PM – this will run for a little over 2 hours.
  • Each evening will consist of 3 rounds of Bingo. Your Bingo card document will be labelled for each specific round. Please make sure to play the appropriate card in the appropriate round. *When printing your cards off, it is recommended that you write which round each card is for as that information is only located in the document name and does not appear on the cards themselves*
  • At the beginning of each round, we will announce what type of Bingo we are playing for (two lines, an x, the outside box) as well as the prize.
  • The game will consist of Random song clips being played in random order. When you hear a song noted on your card, cross it off. You CAN use Shazam or ask a friend (in your household, or video chat) if you do not know the song, if you know it belt it out!
  • If/when you get a BINGO – type or yell BINGO as loudly and enthusiastically as possible in the chat space are on your camera/phone.  The music will be paused, you will then hold up your winning card in front of your computer camera so your card can be checked. – if it lines up, you win the prize the round!
  • If you win a prize, you will receive an email from the organizer the following day asking for your contact information, so we can mail your prize! In the event of multiple bingos, the prize that round will be SPLIT amongst the winners.

Most importantly, have fun – as that is what we’re here for!