World Day Of Prayer

World Day of Prayer Service

Traditionally, the World Day of Prayer service would be held in a local Church and planned and prepared by people from local Churches on the first Friday of March. This year that falls on March 4, 2022. Because of the Covid 19 pandemic and the current restrictions, we are not able to host either the planning meeting nor the service!  Therefore, you are invited to view the service on your computer or iPad – I would recommend your computer if possible.  Since it is a website, you can watch it at your convenience.

This years’ service was written by the women from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. {You will probably wonder why Scotland is not included – they do their own!]

To access the service please go to  (see below for a few additional details on how to access the video)


To View the World Day of Prayer Service Video

The World Day of Prayer 2022 service video can be watched from by clicking on the picture that looks like this: