Baptism (Christening)

Adult or childhood baptism, and the christening of infants is a public sign of faith and trust in God’s love, and an opportunity to extend a blessing on a new life.  The water of blessing is poured over the forehead by the priest, followed by an anointing with sweet smelling chrism.  Baptisms take place usually on a Sunday morning in the presence of the Christian community signifying the desire to be received into the family of God.  All baptized persons, young and old are then invited to receive communion on Sunday mornings.  Please contact the priest to prepare for baptism.


The Church is a place where the important milestones of life are marked and celebrated.  Throughout the year, a multi session marriage course facilitated by the priest is available for couples planning a wedding.  In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, couples work through a lively DVD presentation with a workbook guide.  Register by calling the priest, or online at  If you are interested in planning a wedding, we ask that you contact us at least 2 months notice before the date of the wedding.


Confirmation is celebrated as children reach the age of understanding their faith.  Young people need to accept the baptismal vows made for them by their parents during infancy, for themselves.  For some this can be as young as 9 or 10, for others it may be later in their teenage years.  Adults who have never done this, but who would also like to confirm their vows, are invited to make an affirmation of faith at the same time.  The Bishop lays hands on each candidate praying for the Holy Spirit to confer gifts upon them.  This is usually a deanery wide event, held once a year.  Please call the priest if you are interested.


Funerals are a necessary rite for the family of the deceased, bringing closure to the loss of a loved one.  These are held either at the church or the funeral home as the family wishes, with an internment or burial at the graveside, and a reception afterward.  The ladies of the church will provide a light lunch at no cost to the family in the parish hall.  Donations, however are welcomed.  The priest will provide pastoral contact with loved ones to assist with healing and the transition through change.  Funeral arrangements and contact with the priest are usually made through the funeral director at the time of death.